Our plan »

Play ADK will renovate a historic, two-story warehouse and large industrial site on Depot Street into a children’s museum and family resource center — creating a family-focused corridor in the heart of Saranac Lake. Play ADK is leading the revitalization of Depot Street – a large industrial area in the heart of Saranac Lake identified by the Village as a priority area for revitalization – creating a central hub for kid- and family-focused activity and spurring future business and nonprofit investments.

10,000 sq ft. of interactive exhibit space dedicated to hands-on experiences designed for play will welcome the whole child—mind, body, and spirit—to embrace a world of exploration and discovery.

Imaginative Play »

Imaginative Play »

An imagination zone featuring a market, logging camp, a lil laboratory, campsite and more will set the stage for children to engage in pretend play, act out roles, interact with others, and get lost in make-believe worlds.

Open-Air Exploration »

Splash pad and outside play area. Large doors will open making the exhibit areas open air, indoor/outdoor experiences to accommodate larger audiences during the warmer months.

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